Free PDF Converter


PDF Converter is an application to convert PDF files in other format files. PDF files are only usable with the application which supports .pdf files and these are not viewable by other application like word, excel etc. It is not impossible to view PDF files into other application. PDF Converter is developed for this reason which makes it possible to convert other format files into PDF files and PDF files into other format files. The latest feature of PDF Converter is OCR (optical character recognition) which converts the scanned PDF files into editable flowing text format.

Professional PDF Converter

There are many Free PDF Converters available on internet. The one is converting PDF files into word, excel, image called PDF Converter. The other document type like word, excel and image can also be converted into PDF files. After converting the PDF file to other format it can be converted back to PDF using All to PDF converter the second type of PDF Converter. All to PDF converter is very helpful to convert other format files into PDF files but there is a limitation that only printable files can be converted the non printable files cannot be converted into PDF with any PDF Converter.

PDF Converter used to convert word documents into PDF files called Word to PDF converter. In this converter user open the file which is to convert and click on create PDF icon. A new window will open now user select the destination and save PDF file by clicking save button. PDF to word Converter is also available to convert PDF files back into word document. PDF Converter makes the document easily exchangeable with any format and it is available free of cost on internet.

Premo PDF and doPDF are examples of pdf converters. You can download these Free PDF Converter from internet.