What’s new in Adobe Acrobat X Pro


Acrobat X Pro comes with some new features including:

Browse support: for viewing PDFs in Mozilla Firefox 4, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.

Web Page Conversion: to convert webpage into PDF from Firefox and IE.

AutoCAD 2011: to convert AutoCAD 2011 files to PDF from the Acrobat PDFMaker toolbar.

64-bit office support: to convert MS office 64-bit files to PDF.


Adobe’s user can save their time and get rid of frustration while working with PDFs just because of new Action feature. It is available in the new Acrobat X Pro. It is more time saving feature for organizations. Specific actions can be created and these actions can be exported and emailed. Consistent appearance and document branding can be ensured by administrators. When a new action is created it is automatically added to Actions section of Action panel. Share review feature is also enhanced. You will have suggestions and comments in an organized way. This feature is of special interest for online businesses as web pages can be converted into PDFs and sent for reviews.

Acrobat X Pro allows conversion of PDF files into other file formats and back into PDF files from other formats. PDF portfolio feature of Acrobat comes in this version with enhanced functionality, which can organize and group multiple files into one document without changing each individual file. Select Create PDF Portfolio > Choose Layout > Add Files. You can customize background image, file order, color palette and fonts. This feature enables you to have a professional portfolio very easily and quickly.

It is also offering PDFs protected view. You can make forms by using its online service Forms Central to create, test, distribute and collect forms. Print feature of Acrobat is improved in this version and now you can quickly search for options when you want to print special documents, such as booklets, banners, and posters. There are some other enhanced features in Acrobat X Pro including; Improved data collection, Permanent Information Removal, Advanced Security Tools, Improved Optical Character, Recognition (OCR) of Scanned Documents.